Jon Sojo

Posted on: August 1st, 2009 by Ultraplay

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Jon Sojo

Jon Sojo, originally from Bilbao, Spain, came to the UK in 1997 to study architecture where he graduated in 2004 at the university of Leicester. Jon then moved to Barcelona for 6 months and returned to work in London on December 2004 where he has since been working as an architect and more recently, a DJ.
Jon started DJ'ing with a friend that was the resident DJ of his local night club around 1995 and has an extensive music library and taste that can be heard in his Deep Tech House sound. His roots and inspiration mainly come from classic bands such as The Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, Chris Isaak, Serge Gainsbourg to more modern sounds from the likes of DJ Assault, DJ Herve, Buraka Som Sistema Passing, to The Pixies, Frank Black, Breeders and The Catholics.
Jon Sojo's biggest influence however that really comes through in his DJ sets are from from Jazz, Nu Jazz and Flamenco where Jon's spent a lifetime listening to the great Jazz cats such as Coltrane, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Bebo Valdes, El Cigala and Camaron. His sound can be described as a fusion of all these great genres powered by tribal beats which create a real Deep House percussive party vibe which he's best know for.

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