Gia Mellish

Posted on: May 1st, 2010 by Ultraplay

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Gia Mellish

Gia was born in the Netherlands and moved to Amsterdam after studying music at the Rock Academy in Tilburg. Although she loves many styles of music, House music was one that stole her heart from the start.
Gia started off in the House scene as a vocalist, singing in Amsterdam clubs such as the Pamana, the Escape, Supperclub and Studio 80.
But it didn't take long before she got booked all over the world, singing in the Ukraine, Spain, France, Belgium, lithouania, Slovakia and Algeria just to name a few.
She has worked intensely with DJ's for many years, freestyling through their records and MC'ing where she's learned how to work the crowd, and how to build a set through her vocals. However, being previously dependent on the records the DJ played, did prove to be awkward, so she decided to DJ herself by combining both her vocals skills and her DJ-ing skills as one.
By playing a DJ set whilst singing through her own records, Gia differentiated herself from the rest. It is something to DJ, but to also sing through your own set is a way of communicating with the crowd in a particularly intense way.
She sings in a way that is mellow, smooth and very hypnotizing, perfect for the club vibe. Gia uses her voice to reach out; to convey the most intense emotions, knowing just when to catch that moment and when to leave the crowd wanting more.
Gia has released many House records and had an underground hit in 2006 with her track "Hypnotized" produced by Sebastien Leger, remixed by Chria Lake, DJ Spen and Ian Carey. The track was a hit all over the world and got licenced on labels in France, Italy and South Africa and was released as a single on Ministry of Sound in the UK and Australia. 'Hypnotized' also appeared on many dance music compilations. In 2008 she released "Lovepotion" with Aaron ross on Hed Kandi which also appeared on many HK compilations.
Gia then did a track with Shik Stylko called "You Are" released on Pinkstar records in Germany, which got rave feedback from the likes of Armin van Buuren. More recently she released a track "Fall into me" on Night Drive Music with Dutch producer Jordi Bouman, known for his releases on Little Mountain Records. The track was remixed by Shur I kan and Scope. For her latest release "Delight" Gia joined forces with Lily Allen keyboard player, Eddy Kid. (Delight is just out this week on Hed Kandi).
Gia is a proven successful House music artist and producer, as she loves playing and singing the soulful sounds of House but when it comes to pure DJ'ing she says "...absolutely nothing beats playing a good Techno tune...".
This summer, Gia moved to East London to build her name as a DJ in the London underground Electro Techno scene. Last week she produced a fresh new Techno mix which is to be released as the next Ultraplay Podcast 021. Her DJ style can best be described as deep, dark, funky Electro Techno.

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