Jack Schidt

Posted on: September 1st, 2010 by Ultraplay

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Jack Schidt

If you don’t know Margeir, you don’t know Jack Schidt.

He’s the Golden Calf making sacrifices on the sonic altar for the lost hordes. He was stage diving into the throbbing masses before rave was nu, mixing sounds before the menu called for a mash-up. His infamy is forged from iron-clad production, blistering DJ sets and a twisted sense of humour that keeps his disciples coming back religiously.
Margeir’s projects are many and varied. As Jack Schidt, he made his first explosive appearance on GusGus's Pineapple Records. Most recently, this year’s 50,000-plus Roskilde crowd feasted on his beat-cookery when one of his productions was flambéed with Jimmy Tenor’s “Take Me Baby” during Trentmoller’s headlining set.
Since becoming one half of exalted dual muscle mass Gluteus Maximus, Jack Schidt with partner in grime President Bongo, has worked with and remixed everyone from Trentemoller to Sigur Rós. These masters of the syncopated universe have played everywhere from Pacha to The End and appeared at every festival worth mentioning. At home and abroad, Jack and the President are a supernatural institution. They’re what rad wants to be when it grows up.
As a club DJ, Margeir has been laying down the gospel since the early 90s, filling slots at Borgin, the seminal Rosenberg club, and in venues all over the world. He has appeared alongside Carl Cox, Daft Punk, Booka Shade and Trentemoller and has also hit the decks in parties in support of Kraftwerk and Björk.
Margeir’s Blue Lagoon baptisms are legendary. Just as the Lagoon itself strikes a balance between its alien nature and the surrounding man-made opulence, Margeir’s water-borne party sets ferry crowds to an unfamiliar land of musical plenty. He released Blue Lagoon Soundtrack to great acclaim in 2006. A follow-up is due to be released in August 2009.
DJ Margeir and his Symphony Orchestra conducted by Samuel Samuelsson is another of Margeir’s projects that has been astounding audiences lucky enough to join them upon their rare aural adventures. Assembling members of the acclaimed Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, the collective has been gathering admirers and high regard wherever they go.
All this is just the beginning. The horizon of the Golden Calf is a busy and bright one.



Olde Latin for the uppermost muscles forming that low-end base on which you sit.
Gluteus Maximus is Iceland's President Bongo and Jack Schidt. As dj collaborators, producers and promoters in Reykjavik City, this duo agreed to publicly work together when the right name would cross their paths. Thus, this moment in which you read.
These dysfunctional artists, steeped in the ancient red-art of double-handed beat-synch disorder, have separately traveled the world jockeying their disks all over clubs like:

  • Vega + Rust (Copenhagen)
  • Indigo (Istanbul)
  • Monza (Frankfurt)
  • Watergate + Arena + Villa + 103 + Picknick (Berlin)
  • Rote Sonne (Munich)
  • Back to Basics (Leeds)
  • Exit & Gravity (Lithuania)
  • Moment + Space Garage (Latvia)
  • The Fillmore (San Fransisco)
  • Pacha (Ibiza and Vilnius)
  • Sirkus + Kaffibarinn (Reykjavik)
  • Xlib (Kiev)
  • Mix (Moscow)
  • The End + Turnmills + MOS (UK)
  • Berns (Stockholm)

... and not to mention festivals like Glastonbury, Reading and V2 (UK), Coachella (Usa), Mtv Exit (Sarajevo) and Airwaves (Reykjavik).
Similarly their combined individual remix listing is simply offensive, (Björk, Captain Comatose and Kasper Björke to name a few) yet their remix as Gluteus Maximus will solidify and break back down somewhere in the middle of Sigur Rós's Gobblidigook and Trentemoller's Miss You.
Together Jack & The President mastermind the dark machinations of Reykjavik based event company Jón Jónsson, promoting club nights (Booka Shade, Carl Cox, Trentemöller, GusGus etc), managing artists (Petter & The Pix, Daniel Agúst, GusGus, Human Woman) and releasing online [in collaboration with Great Stuff & Kompakt].
They are big guns. An arsenal of rotating musical mass.
They are... Gluteus Maximus

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