New Years Day Party 2012

Posted on: December 2nd, 2011 by Ultraplay

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Forget New Years Eve! It's over rated! The focus this year, (or next should we say) ...will be on New years Day! Ultraplay has been granted full-control of their much loved back room Warehouse at Cafe 1001 in Brick Lane, where they will be putting on a massive 12 hour party for FREE! Not only that, but Ultraplay have booked an awesome lineup of no less than 8 amazing DJ's...

DJ's confirmed

Doors open at 12pm lunchtime and the party will be going on until midnight. It's a bank holiday the next day which means no work for a lot of people, so this will be one hell of a messy party... Plus, the Cafe is putting on another HUGE party upstairs the night before on NYE (in the rarely used warehouse above the back room). That party goes on all NYE and finishes at 12pm lunchtime, so that NYE crowd will be treating this Ultraplay NYD party as an afterparty as it's literally just a stumble' down the stairs! 😮 So.. if your not huggin' a toilet somewhere, try and get down early to avoid any dissapointment getting in, coz' this NYD party gonna be a BIG ONE!

See you next year people!


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8 Responses

  1. Ultraplay


    Let’s not forget New Year’s Eve! …the NYE party that’s going in the Cafe just before this Ultraplay NYD party, is going to be amazing – Holic & the legendary LOST crew are putting on a huge rave in the new underground basement which is below the Cafe’s main back room.

    This is a new basement warehouse area that’s never been used before for a party. It’s a massive room and with these guys will no doubt be a crazy party. Remember, as soon as this Lost/Holic party finishes, Ultraplay starts upstairs in the same building. So get ready for almost 30 HOURS of hard partying! Cannot wait for this one, this really is going to be a very special entry into next year!

    More info on the Lost & Holic party Here

  2. Clodagh


    Hey! See you on NYD… what a great way to start off 2012… playing my favourite London party in my favourite London venue… this party is going to kick ass… see you on the dancefloor, Love Clodagh xx

  3. Andre


    Yeah deffo the best way to kick off 2012 !! last party was amazing and this one is promising to be outstanding,
    hope to see you all 24-hour-party-people raving with us 😎

  4. Anthony


    It’s Ultraplay Eve already! Easily the best New Years Day option on the whole of Brick Lane, I’m hella excited to be spinning tomorrow lunch time with Techno pals at Ultraplay!

    This one is gonna be a beast!


  5. Rob


    Not long to go now!!! Let the new years day carnage commence…. 😉

    With cafe 1001 having a party across three rooms throughout the whole night, this is going to be one hell of an afterparty! Got lots of friends coming down for this one too..can’t wait to smash out some serious tunes with everyone in their celebratory spirits! 😀

  6. Clodagh


    Thank you so so much for this totally incredible party…! what an amazing night and amazing start to 2012!! Loved playing… thank you again for asking me to play… incredible! x

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