Podcast 030 Darren C

Posted on: December 10th, 2011 by Ultraplay

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Podcast 030 Darren C

It only occurred to me the other day that I've been DJ'ing for ten years. During that time I've gathered some incredible records, many of which I've played and pushed to help define the Ultraplay 'sound'. I love the raw power of Techno, but what I love more than that, are those rare and magical compositions of music, that literally transport you off to another world...
I've accumulated quite a healthy stash of these sparsely hidden 'gems', so it was tough decision to choose just twelve that would make this enchanting winter mix.
To help really bring these tracks together into one mind-altering journey, I've sliced, spliced and spiced' adding my own personal array of effects to accentuate the whole experience.
But FX aside, these are the songs that have really touched my heart and soul.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Respect to these artists.


  • The Open - Original Mix / John Tejada / Palette Recordings
  • Flight 101 - Original Mix / caTekk / Flex Schallplatten
  • No Fear - Kamasutra Lovers Remix / Technasia
  • On - Original Mix / Lee Van Dowski / Rekids
  • My White Zebra - Estroe Remix / Ryan Davis
  • Oceans - Original Mix / Andre Traenkner / Praezise Records
  • Soul Flight - Mike's Mellow Mix / Alex Carbo, Mike Dub / Chrono Tracks Net
  • Reflectie - Original Mix / Estroe
  • Resize Your Mind - Original Mix / Max Cavalerra / Broque
  • Amenity - Original Mix / Link / Plus 8 Records
  • The Overture - Original Mix / Marc Romboy
  • My aDesire - Original Mix / Vince Watson / Planet E Communications

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3 Responses

  1. lesley c


    Awesome tracks !! Well done Dee : )

  2. Stevo


    In simple words, it’s an excellent compilation, brilliantly mixed, professionally remastered and exceptionally high quality music.

  3. lyn saine


    Wonderful journey….


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