Darren C

Posted on: January 7th, 2012 by Ultraplay

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Darren C

Darren C the creator of Ultraplay - the club; now smashes into 2012 as a red hot producer under his already established and well respected brand name - Ultraplay.

Ultraplay events have been teasing and pleasing East London's trendy, international Brick Lane crowd, every month since 2005. The main attraction being a profound musical experience... like no other. Ultraplay emits a thunderous sound whilst enchanting and uniting it's much loved following in celebration with the wildest and most entertaining of performances.

An Ultraplay crowd get lifted by it's music up onto a euphoric high, to a point where people are dancing on the ceiling, forgetting who there are and where they came from. Living the moment with booming tribal chants and cheers of joy are the norm for an Ultraplay performance. Now Ultraplay is here with it's own unique music. An infinite score of otherworldly sounds, produced from the very deepest and darkest part of London.

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