Podcast 035 Red Pig Flower

Posted on: March 24th, 2012 by Ultraplay

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Red Pig Flower

An alluring mix from Red Pig Flower. Some really fantastic tunes on this wonderful journey. Enjoy.

Catch Red Pig Flower at Ultraplay - on Sunday (25/03/12) at Cafe 1001. Details here.


  • Magic Dream / Marcman
  • Flower Dust / Bhoo
  • Erotic Soul / Gorge
  • Feelin / Egal3
  • Clap Back / Elon
  • Art is in You / Djordje
  • Tango Coconut / Charlie Solana
  • The Red Room / Dennis Ferrer
  • Pfunkman / Kreon
  • Metro sexual / Taster Peter
  • Nightmare Dancer / Miro Pajic

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