Podcast 045 Michael Scullion

Posted on: September 26th, 2012 by Ultraplay

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Michael Scullion's developed an intriguing mix for the Ultraplay podcast this month. Starting off with some rumpy-pumpy number featuring a freaky mega-phone vox, the mix blasts out the very last parts of the summer, before slowly descending into an inescapable dark, Autumn groove... Beautifully mixed and prefect for this season, this episode goes down a treat.


  1. Polite Symphony / Anthea / Brouqade
  2. Nu Sunt / Noi Doi / Oslo
  3. Riding on Electric / Mihai Popoviciu / Highgrade Records
  4. On this Day (reset robot dub) / Jon Gurd / Octopus Records
  5. U Dig (cassy and chris carrier remix / Eastmen / Soma Records
  6. Sunrise over Volta / Nick Harris / NRK
  7. Bullshit feat. Robby Olson / Lownza / JETT Records
  8. XmaZ / Attemporal / Resopal Schallware
  9. Lost in the Soul Shower / Seuil / Freak N Chic
  10. Take it Slow / Amor Fati / Resopal Schallware
  11. Q Onda / Rekleiner / Connaisseur RecordingsPure Vida (Anthea remix) / Ivan Messa / Brothers in progress

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