Ultraplay was launched way back in 2005 on Halloween at Cafe 1001 in Brick Lane, London. The then, Cafe's music manager 'Jacob Husley' (who later went on to become the man behind the very successful WYS at Fabric), was looking for a new, exciting 'Sunday' party promoter for the Cafe's new warehouse-styled back room. The idea was to satisfy the ever growing clubbing demand for free 'Sunday clubbing' parties, such as Secretsundaze who had clearly pioneered the whole movement which had become a massive scene. At precisely the same time, Darren C happened to be looking for a suitable venue to hold his new 'Ultraplay' project, the concept being a Sunday party, but unlike the others, this was to be a full-on Techno rave that would make the peak-time Friday and Saturday nights look chilled by comparison...

After visiting many venues, Darren instantly fell in love with the warehouse back room of Cafe 1001, and after a brief meeting with Jacob who loved the Ultraplay concept, the launch party was set for the 31st October 2005 on Halloween.

To showcase some variety in the underground sounds and to get a feel for which direction Ultraplay was to take later on down the road, Darren C booked DJ's Alex Paterson of The Orb, Giles Smith resident of Secretsundaze and Merka from Fat! To mark the occasion, freaky faces were cut out of 100 pumpkins which were put on display alongside a massive strobe light and smoke machine installation.

Needless to say, Ultraplay was a huge success from the start and 5 years later on... still is to this very day, with a unique and loyal following.

Ultraplay is a free party that is created purely for the love of playing quality underground electronic music. Many DJ's and artists have played for free, just for the love of the music and being part of something that is very unique and special.

Ultraplay would like to thank:

Cafe 1001 and all it's staff for allowing this crazy party to happen
Jacob Husley for being the first to believe in Ultraplay
The Ultraplay crowd for it's intense energy, enthusiasm and love of the music
The Ultraplay DJ's & Guests that have played such great music listed and archived below