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We are currently searching for exceptional DJ's for Ultraplay.

Please note: Before answering the questions below, you will need a mix ready for the application below, using our SoundCloud Drop Box.

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1. Forms with questions not answered in full, will be ignored.

2. We will only respond to successful applicants.

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Your Artist Name?

DJ or Live Act?

Where do you play?

Name 5 (or less) bars or clubs you've played in? (Club Name/City, N/A if none)

Are you signed? If so, which label(s) are you signed to? (N/A if no)

How long have you been playing for?

Which music style do you specialise in?

What equipment do you use?

Favourite 3 DJ's?

Favourite 3 Producers?

Favourite 3 Clubs?

Which best describes the way you connect with a crowd when playing?

Your following, when you play. Do you have one?

If someone was watching you play, how do you think they would describe you as a DJ?

Ultraplay is a Sunday party that starts Midday and ends at Midnight. Which time in the party is best suited to your playing style?

How much time do you spend promoting yourself as DJ/Live Act?

Online Event Promotion. We ask that all DJ's agree to make a reasonable effort on forums leading up to the party that they're booked for. Status updates, comments on the FaceBook event and Resident Advisor event page, for example. Are you happy to do this?

Rewards. We reward our DJ's with an amazing, fun party with lots of promotion. However, we are currently a Free Entry, Sunday, day-time party. This often suits newer, up and coming DJ's, or; DJ's that happen to be in London and are just keen to play Ultraplay. The reward is high, but the pay is low. Is this an issue for you?

Why you? This is one of the most important questions. We get a lot of DJ's requesting to play at Ultraplay. Most of the time we hear the same thing: "I'm passionate about my music..." etc etc... Tell us why we should book you? what makes you stand out from the rest? Think about this one...

Your sound. We need to hear a mix from you. Drop your mix below. (Note: Form submissions without a mix will be ignored)

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